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Oxnard Forklift Attachments

Oxnard Forklift Attachments - Oxnard city, that was incorporated in the year 1903, is currently the biggest city in Ventura County. It runs right along the pacific coastline and is thirty five miles south of Santa Barbara and 60 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

The extremely fertile soil in the area is one of the most desirable things about Oxnard. The fertile soil in combination with the temperate weather gives a long harvest season, making the area of Oxnard very agriculturally rich. Farmers can normally get double, even triple, the amount of crops harvested on the same piece of land per year.

The economy of Oxnard was originally and almost exclusively based on oil and agriculture. These days, the economy has grown with the city. It all started off by farming sugar beets/beans and cattle grazing. Intensive farming followed shortly after. A strange twist was the shift from intensive farming to working in the defence industry. These days, the city is focusing on developing industrial, housing and commercial opportunities. Oxnard prides itself on keeping an even balance between honouring their agricultural background but still progressing further into the fields of technology and business.

Oxnard has experienced a population boom in the past 50 years. Although this has provided difficulties to the government, it has likewise been a blessing as it has created exceptional opportunities for young entrepreneurs to start up businesses.

The top businesses within the city are in biotechnology, duplicating and packaging videocassettes, education, health insurance, mortgage lending, and telephone equipment and services. The governments (state, federal and local) likewise hire a large percent of the people. Due to its perfect location close to Highway 101, the city is attracting several high-technology companies. The Port of Hueneme, which sends, loads and unloads fruit and cars abroad, is very essential to the financial system. Point Mugu and Port Hueneme are also home to a large portion of the US Navy.

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