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Berkeley Forklift Attachments

Berkeley Forklift Attachments - Situated in California on east shore of the San Francisco Bay in northern Alameda County is the municipality of Berkeley. The city is neighbored by the cities of Emeryville and Oakland to the south, Kensington and Albany to the north, and ends at the county line (bordering Contra Costa County) to the east.

Amongst the oldest campuses for the University of California is located in Berkeley. Likewise situated in the city is the Gradual Theological Museum and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. The city is considered among the most politically liberal within California and was ranked the third most liberal city within the United States in a recent research.

Ranging from several commercial and manufacturing to industrial businesses, the economy of Berkeley is rather diverse. In the year 1999, the city achieved its lowest unemployment rate at 2.3%. Then again, various cultural groups do not benefit from the 70,000 jobs provided by the companies: In the year 1990, the unemployment rate for African- American females was 12% and the rate for males who are African-American was more than 18%. The standard overall rate for the city at that time was 5.6%. This group likewise makes less per capita income. In the year 1990, it was 59 percent of the citywide average, a meager $11,134.

The city of Berkeley is known to be a terrific location for small, independent companies to locate. There are lots of various companies in West Berkeley, making about $1.2 billion in taxable sales revenue. The city is full of skilled people with exceptional entrepreneurial ideas that help many of the local businesses that have developed here. The majority of commercial buildings are of medium size, which is possibly due to the 90 percent of all employers in the area that have less then 20 workers. Economic stability is likewise acquired in Berkeley with The University of California and various state-supported educational and research facilities.

During the mid to late '90s, there was economic prosperity within the city, which brought benefits and several difficulties. The city's social, economic and cultural diversity has been challenged by the increase of property rent and values continuously increasing. The more crafty and artistic individuals are finding it ever more difficult to live with monetary pressures rising. Office and retail spaces are become more common because higher office rents create pressure on companies to downsize from their well-paying industrial jobs to smaller office spaces. In West Berkeley, where the industrial sector thrives, constant supervision is needed to maintain a balance between retail, office and manufacturing applications.

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