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Daly City Forklift Attachments

Daly City Forklift Attachments - Daly City, known as the "Gateway to the Peninsula", is situated on the northern edge of San Mateo County. The city limits stretch from the San Fransisco bay (to the east) all the way to the Pacific Ocean (on the west). It is conveniently situated in the middle of two of the biggest job growth zones within California, the San Francisco and San Mateo counties. Although the financial system in the area is extremely diverse, the main sectors are in healthcare, small business and retail.

The retail sector makes up most of the economy of Daly City. In its limits, there are three major shopping places, the largest of those is the Serramonte Center, having a total of 860,000 square feet of retail space. The Mission Street retail corridor, which borders San Francisco, and the Westlake shopping centre (that offers 620,000 square feet of retail space) are the other two major regional shopping places. The city has over 3.1 million square feet of retail space, and out of all the cities within the county Daly City has the biggest taxable retail sales.

Within Daly City, the next biggest sector of the financial system is the medical industry. The Seton Medical Center is the largest employer in the city, with approximately 1,500 staff. There are 357 beds in the hospital, and it holds the reputation for being amongst the top medical facilities within the U.S. There are several other medical institutions within the area, such as the San Fransisco heart Institute, San Fransisco Neuro-Skeletal Imaging Center, Physician's Medical center, Spine Care Medical Group and Seton Medical Office. The most recent facility in the area is the Kaiser Permanente, that comprises 130,000 square feet of medical clinics and offices. It could be located at 395 Hickey Boulevard near the I-280.

The labour force within the area is normally well educated due to the nearness of educational institutes. Within a ten mile radius are six colleges or universities and an additional twelve more can be found within a 50-mile radius.

With a median age in the city about thirty five years of age, most of the residents () are over the age of eighteen years of age. The population over the age of 60 is surprisingly just 12%. Nearly half of the workforce works in the local economy.

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