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Modesto Forklift Attachments

Modesto Forklift Attachments - Modesto (population 201,165) is a city within the U.S. state of California. It is situated within Stanislaus County, for which it serves as the county seat. Modesto is situated in the northern portion of the state, 148 km east of San Francisco. Fertile agricultural land surrounds this modest-sized city. Stanislaus County ranks 6th in farm production among California counties, grossing more than $2 billion every year in agricultural products. Area farmers produce primarily chicken, milk, almonds, cattle and walnuts.

Modesto was founded in the year 1870. It was a train stop on the route between Sacramento and Los Angeles. Folklore says that the town was named Modesto after California financier William C. Ralston refused to have the town named after him, and a Spanish-speaking railroad worker declared that Ralston was really modest - "Muy modesto" in Spanish.

The area around the city of Modesto is recognized for its fertile farmland, which includes many wineries like for instance E & J Gallo. A major employer within the city is the Gallo Glass Company, that provides lots of jobs in its large-scale bottle manufacturing operation. The residents of the city of Modesto are also working at food canneries and steel plants. Food processing facilities, including the Foster farms poultry plant and Blue Diamond Growers almond factory, are important employers. At least 20 percent of Modesto's labor force commutes to nearby counties for jobs.

The major business sectors in the city of Modesto besides agriculture consists of professional, management and related occupations, education, food and accommodation services, healthcare, social assistance and light manufacturing.

The city of Modesto has a vibrant culture scene with a strong arts sector. There are lots of local arts organizations, like for example: the Gallo Center for the Arts, Central West Ballet, The State Theatre, The Townsend Opera Players and The Modesto Symphony. Local attractions consist of The Castle Air Museum, The Great Valley Museum of Natural History and The McHenry Mansion.

The mild climate of Northern California makes the city of Modesto ideal for year-round outdoor recreation. Watersports such as river rafting, boating and houseboating are popular here. The area has superb facilities for camping and golfing. Indoor recreational activities are offered for free at Beyer High School's large public skate park. Yosemite National Park is less than one hour away.

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