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El Monte Forklift Attachments

El Monte Forklift Attachments - El Monte lies in Los Angeles County within the state of California, USA. It is located east of Los Angeles within the San Gabriel Valley. It is a residential, commercial and industrial city with a population that, in 2000, totaled 115,965. In the year 2002, it was ranked the 44th largest city within California and the 191st largest city in the United States. Historically, it is referred to as "The End of the Santa Fe Trail."

The city of El Monte was initially an island within the center of the San Gabriel Valley. The island is around 4 miles wide and 7 miles long. The name El Monte was not officially named after a mountain as some do believe. El Monte literally means 'meadow or marsh' or 'the wooded place'. The city was named by Spanish soldiers and missionaries that stopped here in between 1770 and 1830. The island was located between two rivers and was totally abundant in cattails, alders, wispy willows, as well as wild grapefruit and watercress. In the 1850's, when the state was organized into more organized townships, the State Legislature named it the El Monte Township. The name didn't last and quickly reverted to simply El Monte.

The top employers in the city, as of the 2009 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, are: Wells Fargo, which hires 1,800 people, El Monte Union High School District, that hires 1,742 people, Mountain View Elementary School District, which hires 1,007 individuals, Vons, which employs 736 people, Longo Toyota-Lexus, that hires 600 individuals, City of El Monte, which employs 526 individuals, M.C. Gill Corporation, Driftwood Dairy, and the Cathay Bank, all of who each hires 250 individuals.

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