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Torrance Forklift Attachments

Torrance Forklift Attachments - Torrance is located within the South Bay region of Los Angeles County. It was incorporated during 1921 and currently hosts a population of around 149,111. The city is the 8th biggest within the county and the 35th biggest in the state. Even with it's gorgeous, 1.5 mile shore front beaches bordering on the Pacific Ocean and the year round warm temperatures, Torrance is less visited by people compared to various parts of Southern California, like for instance Redondo Beach and Palos Verdes Estates. There is an average rainfall of 12.55 inches per year.

The city has lots of residential and tech businesses, with some automotive companies using Torrance as its headquarters. Some of these businesses consists of: Honeywell's garret Turbochargers, Toyota Motor Sales, American Honda Motor Company, Alpine Electronics, Speed Star Racing Wheels, Tanabe Racing Development, Stoptech Brake, Koyo Radiators, Cosworth, and Edelbrock. Some businesses that have headquarters in Torrance are Globe, Sunrider International, Lakai, Tablet Kiost and Tecmo. Panasonic has a Blue-Ray and DVD-RAM media manufacturing plant within the city. King's Hawaiian, that promotes the leading brand of Hawaiian bread within Northern American, has its main baking facility located within Torrance. Robinson Helicopters are designed and built within the city as well.

Torrance's oil economy is big and provides most of Southern California's gasoline supply. The city was once littered with literally hundreds of oil wells and derricks, but the number of wells has declined as the supply of the oil has diminished. In the northern part of the city is the ExxonMobil refining facility. Before the Pacific Electric Railway closed down, Torrance was an essential hub and shop location of the train.

The city of Torrance has prided itself on being able to combine the beauty of the surrounding nature to the ideal metropolitan lifestyle. In the city, there are 90,000 or more lining the roads and 30 parks situated all over the city.

Torrance was the birthplace of AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) and is also the head office of Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy.

Zamperini Field is Torrance's busy general aviation airport. It was originally named Torrance Airport but was renamed after Louis Zamperini, who was a WWII hero and a local track star. During the year 1974, it dealt with more than 428,000 landings and take offs, but has since declined to an annual average of 175,000 (roughly 473 each and every day). Among the major local problems of the city is the abatement of airport noise. Zamperini Field is the proud home of the Western Museum of Flight, that moved there in the year 2007.

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