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West Covina Forklift Attachments

West Covina Forklift Attachments - During the year 1923, the 507 population of West Covina came together to incorporate the city of West Covina in order to stop a sewage farm from being constructed inside the current city boundaries. Ever since then, orange and walnut trees have prospered throughout the city. The city currently has a population of 105,080 and is considered to have been "built out" to the point where the population cannot grow a lot bigger.

In 1969, the city finally started to begin to seriously grow. The City Hall and Police facilities were constructed as examples by the Joint Power Authority within the County of Los Angeles (Made up of West Covina city and the County of Los Angeles). Afterward, they even created a three level parking structure within the civic centre complex. Within this particular complex, there is the West Covina Courthouse (renamed from Citrus Municipal Court), the Los Angeles County Regional Library, as well as several City Hall offices.

There is not much obtainable land left since the city seems to be fully expanded. There is not too much industrial activity happening in an around the city of West Covina. Residential and commercial companies are popular, with retail businesses being the most prosperous. West Covina in the San Gabriel Valley is an attractive place for companies to settle because of its accessible freeways, inexpensive housing, competitive rental rates and land prices, as well as a strong clientèle base.

As West Covina grows older, the median age seems to be rising with it. There are more adults (between 25-44) and seniors (65+) then there are children (5-19) and young adults (20-24). The minority population is likewise growing, and is up to 77% of the total population. Because there are much more Hispanic, Asian, and African- American citizens residing here, the city has begun to focus on a lot more programs encouraging cultural variety. They have even started focusing on programs in order to benefit seniors.

The major employers in West Covina are the Penske Motorcars, San Gabriel Valley Publishing Company, Target, Macy's, and JC Penny. Due to recent redevelopment, the city is also attracting companies such as The Home Depot, Regal Entertainment, XX1 Forever, Hooters, Elephant Bar, Audi, Sephora, and all that.

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