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During the development of the RG Series, lots of interviews were carried out by logistic managers and numerous truck operators. The company has also carried out a lot of studies on ergonomics and repetitive strain injuries. Nissan has worked to make these statistics better and build machines which are safe and comfortable. Currently, with the clients of Nissan, the truck has been thoroughly developed and fine-tuned for the most difficult operations. The outcome has been the new Nissan Forklift RG Series.

The brand new RG Series has become an industry leader in both operator comfort and safety. For example, optional writing desk and keyboard, the optimal LCD Display placement and the hands free direction control all contribute to a comfortable and relaxed work setting to help the operator be very productive.

The operator compartment is multi adjustable. The seat position, the left and right armrest and the even height of the floor is electrically adjustable in order to easily accommodate all operator sizes. Also, the backrest is specially shaped to offer an easy switch between looking right and left. Moreover, both the slide down and tilt back function supports the operator whilst working at high lifting heights. Along with the unique mini steering wheel in armrest, the RG Series boasts the best ergonomics in the business. This series offers an optional ERGO Logic with up to 9 various mast related functions in one ergonomically designed joystick.

The Nissan Forklift AC TECH controller allows for maximum reach efficiency. This feature could provide a dependable, productive, and cost-effective truck operation. All alternatives are open with this sophisticated technology. Load weight indication, double deep storage, automatic horizontal fork leveling and side-shift centering are only a few of the endless possibilities offered by the RG Series. These features can really enhance your operation's production. The unique Level Assistance System or Level Selector technology helps the operator to go to pre-set lifting heights in the racking by simply pushing a button. This means more handling as less time is spent on positioning.

A few of the most common choices within the industry, like 360 degree steering and video camera are additional features from the factory. With each and every new series, technology advances and ergonomic comfort grows. The machines are always becoming simpler and more comfortable to use. There are different kinds of attachments which could be utilized on the forklifts to help accomplish a multitude of different tasks. Nissan continues to consider feedback in the design process so as to make quality machines for the market.

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