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A lift truck to be a successful model must be built strong to last the working environments for numerous hours of use. It has to be able to move cargo quickly and effectively as well. The machinery needs to be ergonomically correct and comfortable for the operator too.

The Yale powertrain is reliable and rugged. It needs to be strong enough to continually provide amazing durability through its computer-managed transmission and engine. It provides state-of-the-art clutch packs along with really tough shafts and strong gears. The drive, steer axle, engine and transmission are all isolated to be able to lessen both vibration and noise inside the compartment of the operator.

Mazda and GM LP & Gas Engines:
The Mazda LP and GM Gas Engines are made from cast-iron blocks for long life. These equipment provide an electronically-controlled closed loop fuel system which requires minimal repair or adjustment. These kinds of engines also have hardened exhaust valve seats which lessen wear.

Cummins and Yanmar Diesel Engines:
Both the Yanmar and Cummins diesel engine provide a higher compression ratio leading to enhanced torque. Incredible fuel consumption is provided by efficient fuel systems.

Standard Electronic Powershift Transmission:
The standard Electronic Powershift Transmission features gears that are 15 percent stronger and shafts that maximize resistance to rough driving. The strong clutch packs offer 3 times the life of previous packs. Lastly, there is available electronic inching which automatically adjusts so as to lessen maintenance needs by compensating for brake wear.

Techtronix Transmission:
This transmission system uses a computer-controlled power reversal that minimizes shock loading, increases durability and extends tire life. What's more, the auto deceleration feature lessens brake wear and brake pedal usage.

Drive Axle:
The Drive Axle is made for added strength with its brake drum mounting, full floating axle shaft and the strong ring and pinion gears. This specific part also has optional oil cooled wet disc brakes which are basically maintenance free and completely sealed against contamination.

Steer Axle:
To protect the steer cylinder for damage and debris, the Steer Axle features a "sandwich" design. This Steer Axle also has a fixed-length tie rods which could add more stability and durability. The tapered roller bearings help to resist side-to-side and front to back forces. Also, cast ductile iron axle increases toughness and lessens wear.

As part of Yale's standard packages, they have included lots of safety features and ergonomic features. These equipment would handle tough environments, while keeping the operator both safe and comfortable for the duration of their shift.

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